B Taylor & Sons, a prominent logistics company with a fleet of over 200 vehicles and 300 trailers, is in the process of expanding their operations with the construction of a new warehouse in Yorkshire. As part of this project, they required extensive electrical installation, which included the design and setup of lighting and power distribution systems.

The initial design inherited by the team included the installation of 18 high bay lights, a new distribution board, three-phase power, small power, and emergency lighting throughout the warehouse in accordance with all relevant regulations. The emergency lighting system comprised bulkheads over emergency exits and twin spots throughout the warehouse. The regulations also necessitated the use of suitable armoured cabling and a rotary isolator.

However, the team had to make some adjustments to this design as per the client's request. The lighting needed to be on separate switches to allow for energy conservation, and the three-phase distribution board had to be centrally located in the warehouse.

Implementing these changes posed a significant challenge as it required pulling in 250 meters of armoured cable from the nearest supply. The route for the cable ran through an already occupied warehouse used for storage.

To overcome these challenges, the team used a Mobile Elevating Work Platform to reach the needed areas for installing the lighting and pulling the cable. Areas were safely sectioned off to work efficiently around obstacles like storage racking and workers.

In addition, the team supplied a power feed to a temporary cabin used as a sign-in area for the remaining construction work. This involved running an armoured cable to a rotary isolator located in the back of the cabin.

Tecomet is a leading manufacturing firm; renowned for its innovative solutions within the medical and aerospace sectors. The organisation’s dedicated to overcoming complex manufacturing challenges and producing sustainable, real-world products. Given the inherently hazardous nature of their operations – encompassing high-pressure, high-temperature environments and the use of heavy-duty machinery. Prioritising fire safety is paramount for Tecomet.

In response to their safety needs, we designed and implemented an advanced lighting solution to enhance fire safety protocols. Our project scope involved undertaking strategic illumination planning and execution for a corridor spanning 50 metres, specifically tailored to function during emergencies.

For this assignment, our team meticulously installed surface-mounted emergency lighting along a fire exit corridor exceeding 50 metres in length. We employed a metal conduit to interconnect each emergency light fixture, ensuring robust and reliable operation.

Further enhancing safety, we positioned directional exit signs across eight distinct doorways within the corridor. These signs are all equipped with emergency lighting, to highlight the escape pathway during an emergency.

By leveraging our expertise in electrical installations, our team has significantly improved Tecomet's emergency preparedness, ensuring a safer working environment for its employees.

Evander, a frontrunner in the UK's glazing and locksmith services sector, has an expansive reach across the nation through their service engineers, providing emergency response and fulfilment services for the insurance, home emergency, facilities management, and property sectors.

Atreus LTD had the privilege to support Evander's dynamic operations by undertaking a comprehensive electrical installation project in their office block. This project encompassed the integration of small power and lighting systems in an active work environment, necessitating meticulous planning and the implementation of unobtrusive installation techniques.

Our team, working from detailed technical drawings, was challenged to ensure all cabling remained hidden, adhering to the highest industry standards and regulations. This task was accomplished using Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) to access all necessary areas. The installation spanned across multiple spaces within the block, including an office space, a kitchen, and male and female restroom facilities.

Inside the office space, we implemented a straightforward two-way lighting system, consisting of twelve 600x600 lighting tiles arranged in a grid ceiling. The system was designed to be controlled by switches located on either side of the room. In terms of small power needs, we installed double sockets at computer workstations and added fused spurs to accommodate heating and cooling devices distributed throughout the room. Through precise measurements and careful calculations, we were able to minimize disruption by strategically placing cables in less intrusive locations.

The kitchen area was outfitted with an IP65 rated 6-foot baton lighting system, controlled by a single switch for ease of use. The small power requirements were met by installing a power strip along the back wall to facilitate the use of various kitchen appliances.

Finally, the restroom facilities were equipped with compact, client-requested IP-rated bulkhead lights. The small power installations in these areas included circuitry for hand dryers and water heaters.

This project demonstrated Atreus LTD's commitment to delivering superior service, ensuring minimal disruption in active work environments while adhering to industry best practices and regulations.

At Atreus, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge, high-quality commercial electrical installations. Our recent project, an overhaul of the electrical systems for an elite institution's gym, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

The project entailed the installation of a state-of-the-art lighting system, a robust security setup, and a high-speed WiFi network. Our design approach was focused on creating a premium industrial aesthetic, and the matte black finish chosen further emphasised the sleek, modern feel we were aiming for.

The lighting system was designed to be both functional and atmospheric. We used industrial-grade LED fixtures that not only illuminated the space efficiently but also added to the high-end, industrial aesthetic. The even distribution of light was a challenge due to the high ceilings and large floor area, but our team expertly planned and executed the layout to provide optimal brightness across the entire gym.

For the security system, we implemented a comprehensive CCTV setup. The matte black cameras were strategically positioned to provide full coverage while blending seamlessly with the gym's aesthetic. We had to ensure that the wiring was concealed meticulously without compromising the system's functionality or the architecture's integrity. It was a delicate balancing act but one we achieved successfully.

The high-speed WiFi network was another significant aspect of our installation. To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, we installed multiple access points across the facility. The challenge was to maintain the aesthetic while ensuring optimal signal strength. We overcame this by cleverly integrating the network hardware into the gym's design, positioning it in discrete locations without impacting the WiFi performance.

Throughout the project, we faced challenges related to preserving the gym's aesthetics while ensuring the functionality of our systems. Through careful planning, innovative solutions, and meticulous execution, we successfully navigated these hurdles. The result is a seamless integration of modern technology into a premium industrial setting, enhancing the user experience without compromising the elite institution's aesthetic standards.

In conclusion, this project showcased our ability to adapt and deliver bespoke solutions that meet our clients' unique requirements. We're proud of the transformation we achieved at the gym.


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