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CCTV System Installation

At Atreus LTD, we specialise in the provision of security solutions, with a focus on comprehensive CCTV system installation services. As part of our commitment to quality and reliability, we are proud to be an installer of HIKvision systems, a leading provider of innovative CCTV solutions.

HIKvision systems are renowned for their superior quality, offering high-resolution images for clear and detailed surveillance footage. Whether you require indoor or outdoor surveillance, these systems are designed to function optimally in various conditions, ensuring reliable operation at all times.

Our CCTV installation services begin with a detailed assessment of your premises. We identify strategic locations to place HIKvision cameras for maximum coverage and security, considering factors such as building layout, high-traffic areas, and critical access points.

We manage the installation of your HIKvision system, ensuring each camera is correctly positioned and configured for optimal performance. Our team also sets up the recording and storage system, tailored to your specific needs. Whether continuous recording or motion-activated capture suits your requirements, we ensure your surveillance footage is securely stored and easily accessible for review.

Alongside the installation, we provide comprehensive training and support, helping you understand the nuances of your HIKvision system. This includes guidance on retrieving recorded footage, adjusting settings, and performing basic troubleshooting when necessary.

At Atreus LTD, your security is our priority. We are pleased to offer CCTV system installation services using HIKvision systems, combining our expertise with their high-quality products to provide you with dependable surveillance solutions. Trust in our services for your peace of mind, knowing that your premises are vigilantly protected.


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