Data Systems


Data Systems

At Atreus LTD, we also provide an all-encompassing data cabling service designed to meet your business's diverse and complex networking needs. Our data services aim to create robust, reliable, and efficient networks that enable seamless communication and data transfer within your organisation.

Our data services include the installation and management of various network components such as cables, data points, cabs, patch panels, switches, and leads.

Cables are the backbone of any data network, and we ensure the use of high-quality, durable cables for reliable and fast data transfer.

Data points, also known as network outlets, are strategically installed throughout your premises, providing convenient access points for connecting devices to your network.

Cabs, or data cabinets, are used to house networking equipment in a safe and organised manner. We ensure these are securely installed and expertly managed to maintain the integrity of your network.

Patch panels play a crucial role in organising and routing network cables. We ensure the correct installation and management of these panels, making adding, removing, or changing cables easier when necessary.

Switches are used to channel data to the appropriate devices within your network. We ensure these are correctly configured and managed to maintain efficient data flow within your network.

Finally, we take care of the installation and management of leads, which are used to connect devices to your network. We ensure these are of high quality and correctly installed, providing a reliable connection for your devices.

At Atreus LTD, we understand that a reliable data network is crucial to your business operations. Trust in our expertise to provide a comprehensive, tailored data service that meets your specific needs.


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