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Renewable Energy Solutions for Businesses

When running a commercial property, lowering energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint makes good business sense.

As a trusted renewable energy provider serving the London to Sheffield region, we design and install custom solar panel and geothermal systems tailored to your exact needs and property. Our experienced team will visit your site to assess the appropriate renewable solution, whether that's a solar array on your roof or geothermal boreholes underground.

We handle the entire process from start to finish. After providing a no-obligation quote, our certified installers meticulously implement your new system. Once operational, we thoroughly test to ensure optimum performance before handing over control.

You'll then benefit from years of clean, low-cost energy generation. Our commercial systems are built to last, with rigorous quality control and a standard 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

We also supply annual energy generation forecasts so you know exactly how much you'll save on bills each month. On average, commercial customers reduce costs by 15-30% within 2-5 years of installation.

long with solar panels and geothermal electricity generation, we also offer highly efficient ground source heat pump systems. A heat pump uses the naturally occurring heat below the earth's surface to provide space heating and hot water for commercial buildings.

Our ground source heat pumps exchange heat with the ground through a series of underground pipes or boreholes. Even in winter, the temperature a few feet beneath the soil stays fairly constant, around 13-14°C. The heat pump concentrates this natural geothermal energy and transports it above ground for heating purposes. This results in significant savings compared to fossil fuel boilers, with operating costs up to 50-60% lower. Plus, ground source heat pumps can also provide cooling during warmer months by reversing the process.

With renewable energy expertise in this region, you're in reliable hands to meet both your sustainable practices goals and bottom line. Contact us today to discuss a custom renewable solution for your business, with no upfront quotation fees.


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