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Fire System Installation

At Atreus LTD, we understand the critical importance of fire safety in protecting your premises, assets, and most importantly, your people. As part of our comprehensive service offering, we provide a full suite of fire safety solutions, including the installation of state-of-the-art fire alarm systems.

Our team is experienced in installing both conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, catering to varying requirements and budgets. Conventional systems provide a cost-effective solution, ideal for smaller premises, where simple zoning can be used to indicate the general area of a fire. Addressable systems, on the other hand, offer more advanced features, including the ability to pinpoint the exact location of a fire - a crucial advantage for larger buildings or complex layouts.

In both cases, we manage the entire installation process. This starts with the careful planning and design of the system, ensuring optimal coverage across your premises. We then proceed with the meticulous installation of all necessary cabling, ensuring it is routed correctly and safely, in compliance with all relevant regulations.

After installation, we undertake thorough commissioning of the system. This crucial process involves testing all components of the fire alarm system to verify that they are operating correctly and communicating effectively with each other. Only once we are satisfied that the system is functioning optimally do we consider the installation complete.

In addition, we provide comprehensive training on the use and maintenance of your new fire alarm system. This ensures that your team knows how to respond in case of an alarm, how to test the system regularly, and how to identify any potential issues.

At Atreus LTD, we are committed to your safety. Trust in our expertise and dedication to provide you with reliable, effective fire safety solutions.


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