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Project Summary: B Taylor & Sons'

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August 15, 2023

B Taylor & Sons, a prominent logistics company with a fleet of over 200 vehicles and 300 trailers, is in the process of expanding their operations with the construction of a new warehouse in Yorkshire. As part of this project, they required extensive electrical installation, which included the design and setup of lighting and power distribution systems.

The initial design inherited by the team included the installation of 18 high bay lights, a new distribution board, three-phase power, small power, and emergency lighting throughout the warehouse in accordance with all relevant regulations. The emergency lighting system comprised bulkheads over emergency exits and twin spots throughout the warehouse. The regulations also necessitated the use of suitable armoured cabling and a rotary isolator.

However, the team had to make some adjustments to this design as per the client's request. The lighting needed to be on separate switches to allow for energy conservation, and the three-phase distribution board had to be centrally located in the warehouse.

Implementing these changes posed a significant challenge as it required pulling in 250 meters of armoured cable from the nearest supply. The route for the cable ran through an already occupied warehouse used for storage.

To overcome these challenges, the team used a Mobile Elevating Work Platform to reach the needed areas for installing the lighting and pulling the cable. Areas were safely sectioned off to work efficiently around obstacles like storage racking and workers.

In addition, the team supplied a power feed to a temporary cabin used as a sign-in area for the remaining construction work. This involved running an armoured cable to a rotary isolator located in the back of the cabin.


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