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Project Summary: Evander

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August 15, 2023

Evander, a frontrunner in the UK's glazing and locksmith services sector, has an expansive reach across the nation through their service engineers, providing emergency response and fulfilment services for the insurance, home emergency, facilities management, and property sectors.

Atreus LTD had the privilege to support Evander's dynamic operations by undertaking a comprehensive electrical installation project in their office block. This project encompassed the integration of small power and lighting systems in an active work environment, necessitating meticulous planning and the implementation of unobtrusive installation techniques.

Our team, working from detailed technical drawings, was challenged to ensure all cabling remained hidden, adhering to the highest industry standards and regulations. This task was accomplished using Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) to access all necessary areas. The installation spanned across multiple spaces within the block, including an office space, a kitchen, and male and female restroom facilities.

Inside the office space, we implemented a straightforward two-way lighting system, consisting of twelve 600x600 lighting tiles arranged in a grid ceiling. The system was designed to be controlled by switches located on either side of the room. In terms of small power needs, we installed double sockets at computer workstations and added fused spurs to accommodate heating and cooling devices distributed throughout the room. Through precise measurements and careful calculations, we were able to minimize disruption by strategically placing cables in less intrusive locations.

The kitchen area was outfitted with an IP65 rated 6-foot baton lighting system, controlled by a single switch for ease of use. The small power requirements were met by installing a power strip along the back wall to facilitate the use of various kitchen appliances.

Finally, the restroom facilities were equipped with compact, client-requested IP-rated bulkhead lights. The small power installations in these areas included circuitry for hand dryers and water heaters.

This project demonstrated Atreus LTD's commitment to delivering superior service, ensuring minimal disruption in active work environments while adhering to industry best practices and regulations.


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