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Project Summary: Tecomet

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August 15, 2023

Tecomet is a leading manufacturing firm; renowned for its innovative solutions within the medical and aerospace sectors. The organisation’s dedicated to overcoming complex manufacturing challenges and producing sustainable, real-world products. Given the inherently hazardous nature of their operations – encompassing high-pressure, high-temperature environments and the use of heavy-duty machinery. Prioritising fire safety is paramount for Tecomet.

In response to their safety needs, we designed and implemented an advanced lighting solution to enhance fire safety protocols. Our project scope involved undertaking strategic illumination planning and execution for a corridor spanning 50 metres, specifically tailored to function during emergencies.

For this assignment, our team meticulously installed surface-mounted emergency lighting along a fire exit corridor exceeding 50 metres in length. We employed a metal conduit to interconnect each emergency light fixture, ensuring robust and reliable operation.

Further enhancing safety, we positioned directional exit signs across eight distinct doorways within the corridor. These signs are all equipped with emergency lighting, to highlight the escape pathway during an emergency.

By leveraging our expertise in electrical installations, our team has significantly improved Tecomet's emergency preparedness, ensuring a safer working environment for its employees.


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